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Reliable and quality service that values human health is our basic principle.

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Anyway, consult us first! Let us restore your health with our unlimited options.

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We know that a good job will come out with a good team. We crown our business culture with our young and dynamic staff. We continue to improve ourselves in order to restore your health in the best way possible.


We consider not only today's health technologies, but also future technologies. We carry out each of our services specifically for 21st century innovations and offer innovative services.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled Frequently Asked Questions for you. You can click and examine the topic you are curious about.

  1. As Turkish Health Lines, we have private transportation services for all your travels within the country.
  2. We have a private transportation service from the airport for our customers coming from abroad.
  1. Anlaşmalı olduğumuz indirimli Fiyatları tercih edebilir veya sizin için ayarlayacağımız ultra özel, lüks yeri kalabilirsiniz.
  2. Ultra-luxury Turkey and our house will feel the pulse of the saw is ready for you!
  1. You can obtain many rare products at discounted prices through THL.
  2. All products that are good for your health are sold with certificates and necessary permissions.
  • Our relevant personnel will be with you and support you while performing your operations in the hospitals we have contracted with.
  • We have negotiated Turkey's leading hospitals are clean and luxurious hospital.